POO~Pourri™ Women's Potty Box Gift Set


Product Description



original citrus + lavender vanilla

it stops when you go, 
is both serious and laughter.
you use it before, 
for happiness after.

Hilariously packaged to guarantee giggles—and results! 

The Potty Box is the gift they'll remember, for the smell they'd rather forget!

Everybody does it—it's only natural! Don't let something as silly as bathroom odor hold you back. Take a shift and transform your bathroom experience with Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray—a pure blend of natural essential oils that creates an odor-trapping barrier on the surface of the water, stopping odor BEFORE it begins...seriously!

Gift set contains: 4oz Original Citrus, 1.4oz Lavender Vanilla and 4mL Original Citrus


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