POO~POURRI™ Call of the Wild Before-You-Go® Toliet Spray 2OZ. Bottle ~ 100 Uses

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Product Description

Call of the Wild

Wild Ruby Red Grapefruit

pooetry: be prepared when nature calls

there once was a diva named Britt, 
whose odor she’d rather omit. 
she spritzed the bowl, 
now she’s in control. 
and she fiercely owns her own sit.


What's Poo~Pourri™?  The perfect gift for the woman who has everything! Perfect gift for your bridesmaids! The Perfect Secret Santa Gift! The Perfect White Elephant Gift this Holiday Season!  Also a great stocking stuffer!!!



Be prepared for when nature calls.


Show odor who’s boss and leave the toilet more fab than when you found it. Poo~Pourri Call of the Wild is a pure blend of wild ruby red grapefruit natural essential oils that eliminates bathroom odor before it begins by creating a barrier on the water’s surface. So you can be a warrior, not a worrier.



Protective layer of essential oils keeps embarrassing odors buried under water.



 Proven Barrier

Poo~Pourri is not a chemical cover up! Based on aromatherapy principles, a few squirts into the bowl before-you-go forms a protective layer of essential oils that prevent stinky bathroom odors from showing up in the first place. 

Perfect Gift for Men (or women;)! 

Spray the Loo before No. 2 and no one will ever have a clue!  No. 2 2oz Bottle - A great gift idea for tween to college age girls and beyond! This size is nice for travel with up to 100 uses.  Perfect gift for Roommates; dormmates, bridesmaids, and brides-to-be will all thank you with a laugh!

What to get girlfriends for christmas?  What to get girlfriends for the holidays? Poo~Pourri™!


Watch this now ~  It's Hysterical! 

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