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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Cuchini reusable?

Yes, the Cuchini is reusable.  Gently hand wash the Cuchini with mild detergent and allow to air dry before use.  For added convenience, you may also machine wash the Cuchini in a lingerie bag with light colored clothing on gentle cycle and allow to air dry before use.

How does the Cuchini stay in place?

Double sided tape is included with every purchase (4 pieces – additional pieces can be purchased separately) and can be used to secure the Cuchini to undergarments and clothing.  The Cuchini can also be used without the double sided tape by placing the Cuchini into the gusset lining or the “pocket” in most undergarments.

What colors does the Cuchini come in?

Each Cuchini package includes 2 Nude Cuchinis.

What is the actual size of the Cuchini?

5.25″ x 3″ ~ Additional sizes are something that we have considered.  Let us know what you think

Is the Cuchini waterproof?

No, the Cuchini is not waterproof.  However, it will not absorb enough water to alter its shape or purpose.

Will the adhesive come off in water?

No, the double sided tape still works when wet.

Can I use the Cuchini with clothing in addition to in a bathing suit?

Yes!  The Cuchini is for use in yoga pants, yoga shorts, dancewear, skinny jeans, leggings, riding pants etc.  Cuchini is the perfect accessory for all clothing that is form fitting and tends to “ride up” when worn.     

Does the Cuchini work with yoga pants and yoga leggings?

Yes!  The Cuchini is going to provide you with the confidence to wear yoga pants again!  You won’t have to wear a long top to cover up anymore because the Cuchini will keep your yoga pants where they belong.  No more tugging at your pant legs to keep them from riding up.


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